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Ebbs Strategic Management and Leadership Training School is an organization that is part of the new era where Strategic Management recipe has become imperative for effective leadership in personal lives, business, public and private services. This therefore, becomes necessary to navigate organizations through productivity to profitability and to national growth.

Because of the need to abridge our knowledge of these contemporary issues and development in strategic management and leadership from global perspective, Ebbs Strategic Management and Leadership Training School is convening on international and local conferences with various expert speakers drawn from related industries.

Sequel to the above, Ebbs Training program offers specialized training’s which are designed to provide a detailed understanding of various types and structures of Mortgage Operations and Financings for real estate investments in our Capacity Building Programmes . This Training further provide a detailed understanding of Strategic Management Programmes in business operations with special focus on: Human Resource Management and General Management Programmes as key factors in achieving organizational goals. Also, this course further provides the concepts and nature of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, the evolution of entrepreneurial thoughts, entrepreneurial ability, opportunity, willingness, skills development.

Ebbs Strategic Management and Leadership Training School, LLC., proposes an in-house implant resourceful training program that will definitely propel your organization towards high level of productivity and profitability.

Our Programs

Effective training process is bound to develop intrinsic skills, improve employees’ attitudes, aptitude and productivity even for new entrants as per existing staff cadre irrespective of educational qualification or experience.

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Our Training Methods

Our training methods include the use of lecture series, content sharing practical case studies, electronic devices, may be videos, group work, and hands on analysis. Our course facilitators use other methodologies

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Our Faculty

Our course facilitators are drawn from highly reputable institutions and are seasoned and technically skilled with years of experience in delivering and imparting knowledge and skills.

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Our Vision

To promote Human Capital Development through committed capacity building and practical research to enable youths, young and old person become independent, self-reliance, creative, innovative, risk appreciations as well as become productive and useful.

Our Mission

Ebbs Strategic Management and Leadership Training School, in its mission of shaping the future leaders today, provide quality education that enhances excellent opportunities for a diverse population of learners to achieve knowledge based success in changing technological, global, and ethical environment